Tone and Firm Lotion
Tone and Firm Lotion
Perky Bum

Tone and Firm Lotion

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You’ve been working hard in the gym or the yoga studio to build that booty, now it’s time to bring the fight to nagging cellulite and improve your skin’s texture and tone with our specially formulated ‘Tone and Firm Body Contour Lotion’!


When used regularly, Perky Bum ‘Tone and Firm Body Contour Lotion’ helps to smooth, tone and firm cellulite-prone areas in your bum and thighs, restoring your skin's natural smoothness. †

Ingredients in Perky Bum ‘Tone and Firm Body Contour Lotion’ help to increase circulation in subcutaneous tissue, reducing appearance of bumps and improving the appearance and health of your skin. †


Perky Bum ‘Tone and Firm Body Contour Lotion’ is formulated with CoAxel, a blend of Coenzyme A, L-Carnitine and Caffeine along other proven active ingredients that are synergistically blended, providing the perfect formulation for rapid, noticeable results. †

Proven Ingredients:

  • Active ingredient CoAxel is our patented compound and is designed to improve skin tone quickly and reduce the appearance of cellulite Composed of the following:
    • Coenzyme A + L-Carnitine: Induces a One Way Fatty Acid Pump to release fat from cells.
    • Caffeine: A lipolysis promoting agent, breaking down fat and other lipids.
  • Bupleurum Root: G-Protein activation for tightening skin and reducing subcutaneous fat.


†These statement have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. 

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