What is CoAXEL and why is used in PerkyBum Tone and Firm Lotion

 CoAXEL is a slimming active ingredient intended for the cosmetic remodelling of the silhouette and the treatment of excess fat problems.

CoAXEL combines three active substances:

  • COENZYME A (CoA) derived from biotechnology (>150 ppm) - activates fatty acids;
  • L-CARNITINE (5%) - transports fatty acids;
  • CAFFEINE (1%) - controls the process via cyclic AMP


COENZYME A and L-CARNITINE induce a "one-way fatty acid pump" effect by fuelling mitochondrial respiratory chains with free fatty acids. Adipocytes are emptied of their excess content of triglycerides. Moreover, CAFFEINE present in CoAXEL intervenes, like all methylxanthic derivates, as a lipolysis promoting agent by inhibiting phosphodiesterase.


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